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SRAM Force 12-speed Flattop

SRAM Force 12-speed Flattop

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Waxed SRAM Force 12-speed Flattop

  • 114 and 120 links | 12-speed
  • With SRAM Flattop PowerLock™ master link
  • Completely degreased in several steps, ultrasonically cleaned and ethanol bathed
  • Hot waxed chain with Molten Speedwax for peak performance

  • Model: Force AXS
  • Pin type: Hard Chrome™ Plated, solid
  • Material: Steel
  • Manufacturer item no.: 114 links: 00.2518.038.001; 120 links: 00.2518.038.001
  • Flattop Technology: SRAM's innovative Flattop technology offers a narrower, lighter, and stronger chain, contributing to quieter operation and increased strength and durability.
  • Hard Chrome™ Plated Pins: Enhanced pin plating for increased chain life, ensuring your rides are smooth and consistent over time.
  • PowerLock™ Connector: Easy and secure tool-free installation with SRAM's unique PowerLock® connector, ensuring a reliable and strong link.
  • All waxed SRAM Force chains are original SRAM parts and waxed straight outside the packaging with 0km. They’re brand new.

• 1 x SRAM Force 12-speed chain
• 1 x SRAM PowerLock master link

NOTE: The chain needs to run approximately 30mins on your bike (indoor or outdoor) until it runs smoothly. Avoid riding these first minutes on your brand new carpet as there will be pieces of wax coming of the chain.
Always ensure proper installation and regular maintenance for optimal performance and safety.

The SRAM Force 12-Speed Chain is a testament to precision engineering, designed for cyclists who demand the best in performance and reliability. Its advanced features and robust construction make it an ideal choice for competitive riders and cycling enthusiasts alike. Upgrade your bike with the SRAM Force chain and feel the difference in every pedal stroke.
  • Smooth and Efficient Shifting: Experience precise and fluid gear changes under all riding conditions, whether climbing steep hills or sprinting on flat terrain.
  • Reduced Friction: Advanced chain design minimizes friction, resulting in a smoother ride and improved drivetrain efficiency.
  • Increased Durability: Built to withstand the rigors of intensive cycling, whether you're training or racing.
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