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Waxed Bike Chain

Waxed Bike Chain

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Configurate your waxed chain and select:

1. Brand
2. Choose from 11 and 12-speed models
3. and then select your actual chain type

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  • Completely degreased in several steps, ultrasonically cleaned and ethanol bathed
  • Hot waxed chain with Molten Speedwax for peak performance
  • All waxed chains are original parts from Shimano or SRAM and waxed straight outside the packaging with 0km. They’re brand new.



• 1 x Waxed Bike chain
• 1 x Waxed Master link

Main Advantages of waxed bike chains:

  • Solid Protection: Once dried, wax creates a solid barrier, preventing dirt, grease, and dust accumulation. Your chain remains efficient in all conditions, including dirt and wet.
  • Comprehensive Lubrication: Heated to approximately 92°, the wax reaches every part of the chain, ensuring thorough coverage and lubrication.
  • Zero Contamination: The waxing process begins with a deep clean, eliminating all grease and dirt. This results in a contaminant-free chain, enhancing speed and durability.
  • Energy Efficient: Molten Speedwax can save you nearly 6 watts, translating to better performance and efficiency.*
  • Time Saver: Forget about cleaning greasy drivetrains. With wax, a simple wipe down with a towel is all you need.
  • Eco-Friendly: Comprising less than 0.5% oil by weight, Molten Speedwax is an environmentally safe choice.

NOTE: The chain needs to run approximately 30mins on your bike (indoor or outdoor) until it runs smoothly. Avoid riding these first minutes on your brand new carpet as there will be pieces of wax coming of the chain.
Always ensure proper installation and regular maintenance for optimal performance and safety.

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PRE-WAXED CHAINS: Gamechanger?

Pre-Waxed Chains

Main advantages of waxed bike chains:

  • Wax is solid after it dried. Your chain actually can’t pick any further dirt, grease, dust, etc. compared to a liquid substance like chain lube. Your chain stays efficient even in dirty, wet conditions.
  • Every nanometre is covered with lubricant as the wax is heated to ~92° and is able to reach any part of your chain.
  • Waxing requires a proper cleaning process so the contamination of grease, dirt, etc. is actually set to 0. Appealing wax will keep this level of 0 contamination and proofly make your chain faster and durable.
  • Molten Speedwax saves you nearly 6 watts.*
  • Wax saves time as you’ll never ever clean grease off your drivetrain, hands or clothes.
  • Molten Speedwax is save for the environment as it is fully refined and contains less than 0,5% oil by weight.