• Always clean

    Always a clean drivetrain in any condition. No black grease. Just a dry cloth to clean your chain.

  • Win time

    No oil, no grease, no individual cleaning of your chain. You'll win time by just wiping your chain dry.

  • Save watts

    Less friction and more consistency in all weather conditions. Proven to be faster and saves you watts.

  • Save environment

    No oil residues in the environment. Longer durability compared to a oiled chain.

Best chain wax for bikes: Molten Speedwax Waxed Bike Chains

Main Advantages or why we use the best chain wax:

  • Solid Protection: Once dried, wax creates a solid barrier, preventing dirt, grease, and dust accumulation. Your chain remains efficient in all conditions, including dirt and wet.
  • Comprehensive Lubrication: Heated to approximately 92°, the wax reaches every part of the chain, ensuring thorough coverage and lubrication.
  • Zero Contamination: The waxing process begins with a deep clean, eliminating all grease and dirt. This results in a contaminant-free chain, enhancing speed and durability.
  • Energy Efficient: Molten Speedwax can save you nearly 6 watts, translating to better performance and efficiency.*
  • Time Saver: Forget about cleaning greasy drivetrains. With wax, a simple wipe down with a towel is all you need.
  • Eco-Friendly: Comprising less than 0.5% oil by weight, Molten Speedwax is an environmentally safe choice.

Molten Speed Waxed Chain 

Additional Insights about waxed bike chains:

  • Peak Performance: Molten Speedwax is the fastest lube, outperforming others in tests (Velo Lube Test 1 & Velo Lube Test 2).
  • Resilience in Harsh Conditions: Even under gravel, dirt, and water, waxed chains maintain their efficiency, as proven in rigorous tests.
  • Drivetrain Longevity: The low friction coefficient of wax repels dirt, increasing the lifespan of your drivetrain.
  • Optimized for Motion: Paraffin wax, with its low static and zero viscous friction, is ideal for the distinctive motion of chains.

Conditions & Usage:

  • Durability: Especially effective in dry conditions, a waxed chain can last up to 800 kilometers, with a recommended maintenance interval of 300 - 500 kilometers.
  • Water Resistant: Paraffin's solid nature makes it highly resistant to water and contamination.

Watts and Racing:

  • Significant Energy Savings: With a 6-watt saving over traditional lubes, Molten Speedwax is a game-changer for races and long rides.
  • Proven in Competition: Many professional cyclists choose waxed chains for their superior performance and efficiency. Just calculate your numbers.

Waxed Chain on Bike

*Based on a March 2013 VeloNews.com test, Molten Speedwax was found to be 6 watts faster than the least efficient lube in challenging conditions.

What's important to know?

About us

We are true chain nerds. We are Stephan and Hagen. One is the father in law of the other but both jump on their bikes as soon as the time allows.

For sure both raised a passion for bikes and triathlon to add the performance component.

The fun fact why we wax our chains since years: The first Ironman 70.3 experience went down with pouring rain during the night. All bikes were racked up in the bike park and yes: the pre-oiled chain contained zero oil on the start line.

Important notes & tips

Before you install a new waxed chain make sure your entire drivetrain is oil and grease free.

You can achieve that by actually investing in a additional new cassette or carefully clean off grease and oil.

Make sure to clean all parts of the drivetrain!

Also be aware of the fact that you'll need to re-wax your chain. The service intervals depend on your usage and a chain will approx. last 300-500km.

The chain is louder than before

Ya, may that's a little disadvantage but it will get better over time.

Once you've installed your chain according to the manufacturers advice don't be worried if you hear a different noise than before.

After approx. 30mins your drivetrain will run smoothly.

Be aware that during the first sessions some wax particles will come off the chain. So may don't drive on your new carpet.

Unsure which chain to choose?

The best way to choose the right chain for your bike is to actually take a look at what you have installed right now. Ideally you know which Group and Brand you're riding. If not take a close look and you'll always find something on the chain.

Otherwise reach out to us.

If you're unsure about the length, simply count the links on your current chain. Make sure to also count the chain link.

If you don't want to count, buy the longest chain available according to your group set and just cut it to length once you're changing.

Other questions

Get in touch with us at hi@chain-nerds.com.

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