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Molten Speedwax

Molten Speed Wax | Kettenwachs

Molten Speed Wax | Kettenwachs

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  • 2 wax pucks (520g) Molten Speed Wax
  • Will wax an avg. of 20 chains
  • Plastic free packaging

Technical Specifications: Paraffin, MoS2 and WS2 (tungsten disulfide = Wolframdisulfid)

Merging the forefront of scientific innovation with traditional methods, MSPEEDWAX offers unparalleled drivetrain performance even under extreme conditions. Our hot wax lubricant, made with the highest quality lab-grade paraffin and WS2 and MoS2 sourced from North American mines, adheres firmly to bike chains while avoiding unwanted mess on hands, clothing, and interiors. Embrace the era of minimal drivetrain maintenance and eliminated chain grease stains, setting new personal records along the way. By preparing your own batch, you can transform your drivetrain into a high-efficiency powerhouse.

  • Achievements include 6 Olympic gold medals and victories in 20 UCI Elite World Championships.
  • Holds the current world record for the human-powered vehicle land speed.
  • Solely produced in-house by MSPEEDWAX, ensuring no external processing, blending, or packaging.
  • All ingredients are obtained exclusively within the USA, accompanied by certified analysis documentation and are free from PFAS chemicals.
  • Recognized by Zero Friction Cycling as having the lowest usage cost among all bicycle chain lubricants globally.
  • Performs exceptionally in both dry and wet environments, including conditions with dirt, sand, mud, and snow.
  • The hot wax immersion method not only lubricates but also cleans the chain with each application, a benefit not offered by traditional drip lubricants.
  • Completely removes oily residues from the chain and its components.
  • Ideal for a wide range of cycling disciplines including road, time trial, gravel, track, triathlon, cyclocross, mountain biking, and BMX.
  • Each package contains two wax blocks, weighing a total of 1.15lbs (520g), sufficient to wax an average of 20 chains.

By choosing MSPEEDWAX, you’re not just lubricating your chain; you’re joining a movement towards cleaner, more efficient cycling.

Find a How To Video HERE. Find a overall Tutorial HERE.

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